310 SW 4th AVE Suite 630 Portland, OR 97204




Committed to unlocking the potential of people with disabilities, Incight’s vision is to make Portland the most successful metropolitan area for the diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Incight offers three distinct programs (focusing on education, employment, and independence) that provide resources to help people who experience disability realize their potential and encourage the greater community to consider greater communication. They have created projects that do not reinvent the wheel of disability services, but support and embolden existing systems. Each program is built on the back bone of our anti-stigma approach.

Incight aims to create a culture of inclusion by leading an important conversation about disability in our community. Their vision includes workplaces free of stigma surrounding disability, support systems for students to access all necessary resources to successfully complete college, recreational opportunities for athletes of all abilities, and a safe forum for people who want to learn more.

Their services directly impact hundreds of students and jobseekers; thousands of athletes, families, educators, non-profits, and business professionals; and countless community partners, corporations, and schools.