10th anniversary

10th anniversary



In 2013, in honor of our 10th anniversary, we decided to partner with each of our past nine nonprofit partners (instead of seeking a new partner). This was an opportunity to reintroduce these incredible organizations to YOU, our friends and supporters. We featured one of the nonprofits each month in our e-newsletter, sharing statistics about its impact in our communities, information about what our support means for each organization, opportunities for getting involved. We hoped to maximize our collective impact by incentivizing new levels of engagement in time, leadership, and money, from our entire community, especially from the next generation of philanthropists.

One of our goals each year is to educate our network about our nonprofit partner. With this new format for 2013 (and all the work we’ve previously done to educate our network about each of our past partners), we had the opportunity to highlight the second part of our mission: activating the next generation of philanthropic donors and volunteers. There is an extreme gap in philanthropic support from 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds in our local communities and nationwide, the negative impact of which will only get worse in years to come. There are a lot of significant barriers at play including student loans, sub-par employment opportunities and the recession. But there also is the fact that giving is no longer the expectation for our generation. We hope to change that by bringing awareness about this issue and demonstrating that it can be easy (well, sometimes), and fun and rewarding (always!). We believe that by that activating increased philanthropic involvement among our network, they will realize the immeasurable rewards that come with giving back. And in the same vein, we believe this effort will bolster the greater nonprofit community with increased support from and exposure to the next generation of donors and volunteers. We also believe we can help shift the momentum of giving trends and transform our generation’s engagement in philanthropy long-term.

Our 2013 financial goal was much more ambitious than ever before. We sought out large donations from generous local community foundations, corporations, and donors, to create a matching fund to challenge to our current and new donors. In total, we raised over $145,000, which was distributed evenly between Levé and each nonprofit partner.