In the News

In the News

For all media inquiries, please contact Lauren Post.

In the News

Portland Society Page, “Levé’s Annual Charity Ball Celebrates and Supports Incight” (2014)

Portland Society Page, 10th Annual Charity Ball Raises $145,000” (2014)

Portland Monthly’s Portland Pages, “Levé’s Ninth Annual Charity Ball” (2012)

Portland Society Page, “Levé’s Ninth Annual Charity Ball Benefits “I Have a Dream” Oregon” (2012)

Portland Society Page, Crystal Awards Sparkle for Willamette Valley Development Officers” (2012)

Portland Society Page, “Levé Charity Ball Raises Money for Loaves & Fishes Centers” (2011)

The Oregonian, “Portland Heroes and Nonprofits Recognized by Bank of America’s Neighborhood Excellence Initiative” (2010)

The Oregonian, “A Fresh Take on Philanthropy” (2008)

 Media Releases

“Each year, they picked another nonprofit to introduce to their peers. If one didn’t register with a partygoer, they reasoned, maybe next year’s would. And in the process they’d marshal young adults to give money and time.”

– Laura Oppenheimer, “A fresh take on philanthropy,” Oregonian, December 13, 2008.