Invest in Levé. Invest in our community.

We acknowledge the limitations on every individual’s ability to give. An investment in Levé allows you to maximize your contribution by combining it with the generous donations of others. The collective impact of our giving is transformative, allowing our partners to take on new and important projects that create lasting impact in our community.

Investing in Levé means we do the homework for you. We engage a thorough and thoughtful process for selecting our nonprofit partners. It allows our board to learn about each applicant and its work, arming us with the knowledge to be informed advocates for our selected organization, and all those that apply for funding. We listen and observe, selecting nonprofits that are meeting the most critical needs of our community through innovative and effective programs.

Finally, investing in Levé means you value our work. What we do is simple. Many people don’t recognize that with some creativity, and shared passion, together we can support our community in a meaningful way.

Make an investment today.